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Creative Direction


Photography and Videography Visual Standards




Project Case Study

Wahoo Fitness: Creative Direction

The Challenge

Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Fitness is a fitness products company that creates smart-phone exercise sensors for the everyday athlete. Wahoo has many verticals within their brand and needed to create a unified look for all of its product photography.


Our Solution

We created a visual standard for all of Wahoo’s product photography and videography and applied them across all their verticals. This resulted in unified imagery and photos that live together seamlessly on their website and in print.



  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Standards for Product Photography
  • Visual Standards for Videography

Videography and Motion Graphics

We created a series of videos for Wahoo Fitness for their family of heart rate monitors and indoor bike trainers. We designed unique motion graphics to tell the story of the products features and demonstrate how the product functions while the user is engaging with it.


7 Minute Workout App

Wahoo’s TickrX heart rate monitor features Motion Analytics that gives live feedback during exercises. We created a series of exercise videos to demonstrate how the app works in real-time.


Burn-Burst Photography 
We did a series of in-studio lifestyle photography shots to create a composite hero image for Wahoo’s Burn-Burst campaign.

Product and Lifestyle Photography