Naughty Gossip


Web Design and Development


Logo Redesign, Custom WordPress Admin Panel


July 2015


Project Case Study

Naughty Gossip: Website Redesign

The Challenge

Naughty Gossip’s audience looks for the most glamorous, juicy content the internet can dish out. The site delivers the most up-to-date celebrity gossip and culture buzz with over 400,000 unique visitors per month. The site neede both design and functionality updates. The client wanted to increase the amount of valuable ad space and simplify the browsing experience on mobile and desktop.


Our Solution

Focusing on the delicate balance between quick user experience and valuable advertising space, we redesigned the site and brought it up to modern standards. It has great e-mail capture features and is mobile and tablet optimized for their largely on-the-go audience.



  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Standards for Product Photography
  • Visual Standards for Videography


Responsive, Ad-Friendly Website

We built a fully responsive website that makes it easy for the user to navigate through regularly updated content. The most popular article tags automatically populate the secondary navigation menu and new articles are automatically loaded without the user having to refresh. The website features flexible ad space, with the ability to do “takeover” ads that fill the background of the site.


Mobile Experience

The mobile site focuses on user experience, with clean navigation, large imagery and easy to click social sharing buttons.


Lead Generation Tools 
We designed an email capture pop-up to increase mailing list subscriptions.
The client can set how many seconds after the user visits the site that the pop-up appears.


Logo Redesign 

As a primary part of the rebrand we redesigned Naughty Gossip’s logo, fitting it perfectly to the header of the site.