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Project Case Study

Eventide: Branding and Design

The Challenge

Eventide Brewing operates out of the Grant Park neighborhood in Atlanta. As they were getting ready for some major company growth, they needed to lock in their branding and start creating standardized systems for their visual identity.

Our Solution

Eventide hired us to develop their visual brand just as they were making some big moves for the brewery – opening a tasting room and starting a production line for canned beer. We created brand standards that applied to all of their can designs, tap handle designs and all other touchpoints for each style of beer. As their agency of record, we continue to create new designs and help them realize their brand as it grows and transforms.


  • Visual Standards and Branding
  • Can and Seasonal Beer Design



Can Design and Visual Standards

Can design was the most important piece of branding work we’ve done with Eventide. The cans represent the brand image more than any other piece of collateral. We went through countless designs with Eventide to land on the one that sat right with the team. Then, based on the layout of the cans, we created visual standards for the company’s other assets.


Seasonal Beer Tap Handles

Below are a few of the labels we’ve created for Eventide’s seasonal beers. They are constantly coming up with great new beers and we’ve enjoyed creating the labels.