ATL Collective




Brand Development, UX/UI, Sponsorship Materials, E-Newsletter Design/Development


August 2014


ATL Collective Brand Creation

The Challenge

ATL Collective is an Atlanta­ based concert series that covers classic albums from start to finish. They bring in different musicians each month to relive classic records across a wide variety of genres in venues all over the city. As the series grew, it was critical to maintain the strong brand while being flexible to reflect the visuals associated with promoting a unique show every month. The series was also looking for sponsorship opportunities and needed a tool to attract larger sponsorship to support the series’ growth.

Our Solution

We designed and built ATL Collective’s website, email newsletter, show program, and sponsorship deck. Our team created a visual standard for the series’ monthly show poster that would elegantly translate across all of ATL Collective’s digital and print media. We used these visual standards to concept, write, and design their Sponsorship Deck to attract new partnership opportunities to support the organization’s growth.


  • 300% year over year increase in website traffic
  • 100% year over year increase in mailing list subscribers
  • Many new sponsorships/partnerships formed

ATL Collective Responsive


ATL Collective’s website was designed to both promote upcoming events and archive all of its previous shows. We designed a modular homepage section that changes color and style to match each month’s new poster. We built a concert archive page that beautifully shows off all of our poster designs and links each poster to an individual portfolio page containing photos and write ups from each individual show.

Paul Simon Instagram/Facebook/Mailer

Social Media

ATL Collective has a strong social media presence. We make versions of the posters for their mailer,
Facebook banner, Instagram and a version of their logo that matches the colors of the poster.

Logo Design

As a primary part of their branding we teamed up with Brett Miotti to design their logo,
making it flexible at all touchpoints, from show posters to social media branding.

Sponsorship Deck

Our team researched dozens of sponsorship decks from music festivals and events to help craft the language, visuals, and calls to action in ATL Collective’s Sponsorship Deck. For the Collective, this was a vital tool for garnering sponsorships and defining sponsor relationships. The deck itself is a 7×7 inch booklet that celebrates ATL Collective’s love of the album by being the same size as a vinyl record.



It was critical for us to not only design ATL Collective’s newsletter template, but to build a strategy around growing their mailing list. We concepted a giveaway (partnering with Criminal Records) at everyone of their shows – participants enter their email addresses onto a mobile optimized “Win” page on the site and are automatically entered into the raffle and added to the mailing list.

Creating Brand Consistency with the Posters

ATL Collective covers a variety of artists and genres and it was critical for us to create visual standards for poster design. The poster is typically limited to 1 primary color and 1 or 2 accent colors. Each poster features one central design element designed to work across all social and print media.

Check out photos from some of ATL Collective’s concerts.