ACES Health


Native App Design, Branding


Native App Design, Brand Development, UX/UI


November 2015


Project Case Study

ACES Health: Native App & Branding

The Challenge

Aces Health approached us to help concept and design a native app to streamline communication and data capture during clinical trials. They needed to increase adherence to trial protocols and prevent patient attrition as a result of confusing UI’s. The app itself needed to seamlessly facilitate communication between study subjects, trial coordinators, physicians and pharmaceutical companies while maintaining a clean and easy to use interface.

Our Solution

After conducting a bunch of industry research, we concepted and designed a clean, user-friendly interface for the app. We used big buttons and a simple interface on the patient-facing app, shooting for the highest levels of patient reporting. The coordinator, physician and pharma company desktop interfaces all feature varying levels of control and information processing to streamline communication and improve data collection.


  • Native App Design
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design



Brand Video

To prepare for the launch of the Aces app, we helped develop the script, voiceover and vision for the Aces Brand Launch video. Our goal was to help tell the Aces story and increase interest in early-stage funding. The video includes real screen grabs of the app that we designed in use by all of Aces customers.


The Patient’s App

The patient facing app was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The homepage features large, colorful buttons that drive the patient to the most important sections of the app and prominent “Next Visit” and “Next Dose” buttons to increase patient adherence and study medication accountability



Gamification is a proven method to increase app engagement. We designed a reward for each task a patient completes including trial progress, consecutive doses taken, and biometric feedback and to encourage loyalty to the app.


Coordinator App: At The Office and On The Go 

The coordinator’s job doesn’t end when they leave the office. They need to be available to help the patients through the processwhenever the patient needs them. So we built an app that takes the communication features on the go. The full-featured program lives on the desktop version so the coordinator has full control of their trial.

The Pharmaceutical Dashboard

We designed easy-to-navigate dashboards for pharmaceutical companies to quickly view large amounts of study information. We designed a speedometer-like icon to indicate study safety as a quick reference along with other functionality that makes the process of collecting data easier.


Logo Design

As a primary part of their branding, we designed ACES’ logo, making it flexible at all touchpoints, from desktop applications to social media branding.


The Results

“We had very little concept of how we thought our app would look when we started the design process, but 3 Owl Media came with a ton of great ideas. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.”
Jordan Spivack
CEO, ACES Health