We are energized by inspiring the aspiring creative class.

We believe in the power of education and the importance of being generous with our knowledge and experience.

Young Entrepreneur Pitch Competition 

TYE focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to high school students and prepares them for TYE’s Global Business Plan Pitch competition. 3 Owl Media was invited to joined TYE in 2016 as a permanent business mentor for the students. David Feldman, founder of 3 Owl Media is responsible for guiding one group through the entire business development process. 

David has lectured to the groups on pitching skills as well as digital marketing tools. He meets with the groups regularly throughout the process to help mold their ideas and help the groups create cohesive and powerful presentations.

Emory’s Goizueta Business School

Since 2009, David Feldman has been a lecturer at the Marketing Consulting Practicum course at Goizueta Business School. The course is a semester long marketing-consulting competition where students work as groups to create a strategic marketing pitch to a real client (past clients have included Coca-Cola, Royal Caribbean and Church’s Chicken).

3 Owl Media opens their offices to the teams to work through their ideas with our team. We help teams with their pitches, work through design ideas and walk them through relevant work we have done to inspire their final presentations.