Eddie’s Attic


The Challenge

Eddie’s Attic is one of our favorite venues to see live music in Atlanta. Eddie’s is known for the intimacy of its listening room and rich history of jump-starting many musicians’ careers. The venue books over 300 shows per year and needed a website that was capable of displaying all their shows while being easy to update. Eddie’s Attic also started seeing growth in its younger audience and needed a modern, mobile friendly site while celebrating its storied past.

Our Solution

We rebuilt Eddie’s Attic’s website from the ground up utilizing a modern, responsive design to ensure site loads quickly and functions across devices. We saved Eddie’s Attics’ team hours of time by automatically creating events on their site by utilizing their ticketing sytem’s API. Since over 60% of their traffic was mobile, we built a custom mobile site that drives users to purchasing tickets to events and created a powerful mobile search feature that makes browsing the venues 100s of events quick and simple.

Our team worked closely with Eddie’s Attic’s to update their logo, making it ready for the digital world while retaining elements of the original iconic logo. Our logo design is both familiar and new; one that worked at large and small sizes and guided the design of the new website and merch.

Logo Redesign

As a primary part of the rebrand we redesigned their logo, making it more flexible at all touchpoints, from show posters to social media branding. We added a color scheme to match the brand, using a faded black and a dull gold to reflect the warm room and singer/songwriter style they focus on. A difficulty they were having with the old logo was visibility on mobile and social media. We kept the text bold and simplified the design. We designed a logo that works well in a square space, which gives them maximum real estate in social media profile pictures.

Design and Photography Direction

Eddie’s Attic has a celebrated history and is Atlanta’s classic listening room. We brought in one of our favorite photographers, Aaron Schorch, to capture the venue’s energy, look, and feel. We used his images to build out pages inspired by classic magazines to tell the story of Eddie’s Attic in a compelling and visually beautiful way. 

Ticketing System API Integration 

We designed a custom front-end to elegantly display all of Eddie’s Attic events. We utilized their ticketing system’s API to automatically create new events on Eddie’s Attic’s website as new events are published within their ticketing system. This has saved their team countless hours of work and has streamlined their ticket sales process.